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However, the “Teen Mom OG” star told the “Are You The One” fan favorite that she had to leave to catch a flight home after the date.Asaf, seeming a bit disappointed, offered to drive Farrah to the airport, but she refused him, saying that she had a car service.), as seen below thanks to our sneaky audience cam.So are Farrah and Simon -- who have quite the dating history -- back together?However, it remains to be seen if Javi, or any other “Teen Mom” star would appear on “Are You The One” in the future. Meanwhile, Farrah Abraham’s on again, off again boyfriend Simon Saran has still been keeping a close eye on her.

"We have so much to do in our relationship, but we’re here as friends [today]," she continued, adding that they are working on their relationship.Sources say Farrah and Simon Sarah are back together for roughly the 47 millionth time.You may recognize Simon as the dead-eyed soulless husk of a man who's often photographed in Farrah's presence, usually standing off at a safe distance so as not to distract any attention from Abraham."The reason why I bring my mom into it is so that it will help Sophia's life in the future because things are generational, and I try to really break that cycle and make it better for Sophia in any way that I can." For more of Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran, check out the video below shared by Saran last week. Sure, she successfully staved off any and all DCFS investigations to maintain custody of her daughter yet again, but she's also been tallying up more victories than usual these past few days.

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Just one week ago, Abraham shared a photo from her new restaurant's grand opening, and in the photo, her daughter, Sophia, 7, and her boyfriend, Saran, were seen alongside her.

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